Loading SharePoint Dlls into Reflector

As a developer, I like to load all of Microsoft’s SharePoint DLLs into Reflector so I can peek under the hood when needed. Just follow these easy steps to load all the SharePoint DLLs into reflector:

1. Open a Powershell command shell

2. Make a temporary directory or use an existing one. I’ll use \usr\tmp\ in this example.

3. cd to \windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL, then run the following command:

4. dir | select-string “Microsoft.SharePoint” | foreach {cd $_\14*;cp .\*.dll \usr\tmp\; cd ..\..\; }

5. Now all SharePoint DLLs will be in \usr\tmp. Just open Reflector, browse to \usr\tmp and add the list of assemblies (shift click to select all).

Happy Reflecting :)

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