InfoPath 2010

Allow the User to Reset (Deselect) InfoPath Option Buttons

Like many form applications, InfoPath has a Option Button control. InfoPath Option Buttons (sometimes called Radio Buttons) are useful when you have a very short list of choices (usually just 2 or 3) and want to expose all the choices on the form, rather than having the user click a drop-down control. Option Buttons allow selection of just one item in the group – they are all bound to a single f... »

InfoPath vs ASPX: Which Electronic Form Is the Most Useful in SharePoint?

Last week I presented one of our most popular webinars: Build Better Forms with InfoPath and SharePoint. As part of the registration process, one of the attendees asked about the limitations of InfoPath when compared to ASPX (Active Server Page Extended File) forms. This isn’t a topic I’d addressed in previous webinars, but I added a few slides to discuss it. In this post, I’ll e... »

Get InfoPath to display lookup column value, not ID

If you have ever used a SharePoint list containing lookup columns as a data source in your InfoPath forms, you may have been disappointed to see the value of the lookup is not displayed. Instead of the value, the list ID of the item containing the value is displayed. My ‘Construction Line Items’ list contains three lookup columns: Project, Category, and Product. When I connect to this list fro... »

SharePoint 2010 Tutorial Video: Drop-Down Filters

How to video: Create Optional Cascading Drop-Down Filters on SharePoint List Forms I knew I was going to like the ability to customize list item forms in SharePoint 2010 using InfoPath. The ability to filter drop down list choices based on a previous selection in the form is something many people ask for. I have created a SharePoint 2010 tutorial/training  video that shows how to customize th... »