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Creating SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Visio 2010

Microsoft is taking a bit of the chore of designing workflows off of designers and letting business users define their own workflow layouts in Visio 2010 before exporting to SharePoint Designer to associate it with a List or Site. This allows business users to use a familiar graphical tool to define the steps in the workflow themselves instead of having to communicate their needs to designers or d... »

Creating a Custom Ribbon Tab in SharePoint 2010

Introduction   As a SharePoint developer, mirroring the style of the SharePoint user interface in a custom application is important to create a homogeneous experience for your end users. One of the best opportunities to accomplish this is by creating a custom ribbon tab containing contextualized buttons to suite your application. In this article I’ll show you have to define a new SharePoint... »

Create a Custom Picker in SharePoint 2010

Introduction   One of SharePoint’s neatest features is the People Picker. It allows a SharePoint user to elegantly query, identify and select SharePoint accounts. Did you know the People Picker is built on a set of publically available picker controls available to every SharePoint developer? Read the rest of this article to find out how to include a custom picker into your new SharePoint ap... »

Building a SharePoint Service Application to Provide Auto-completion Services for AJAX-enabled Rich User Controls – Part 3 & 4

Part One – The Service Application Part Two – The Service Application’s Admin Interface Part Three – The WCF Service Endpoint Part Four – The User Application Page Browse Complete Source Code Download Visual Studio 2010 Solution Update 10/29/09: Added Powershell cmdlets to create, retrieve and update properties of the demo service application.  Refer to the accompanying sample proje... »

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