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Custom Discussion Board Rollup using Content Query Web Part and XSL

A problem was recently posted on one of our SharePoint Solutions Help Community Forums. The situation was that an individual wanted to “roll up” multiple discussion boards from multiple sub-sites; essentially pulling the content from different discussion board lists. One solution is to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and take advantage of all the new social features such as Communities. Ano... »

How to Validate Strict Text Formats in SharePoint 2010

We often need to ensure that users enter text information in a specific way. For example, perhaps our company uses part numbers such as TL-1400 and RW-1555. Every part number begins with two letters, followed by a dash, followed by four digits. Or perhaps we use Social Security Numbers in SharePoint (if you do, I’m sure you have the appropriate security in place) and need to insure they always f... »

A Few Notes on SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 and the June Cumulative Update

I just finished upgrading a three-server SharePoint 2010 farm (1 Web Front End (WFE01), 1 Application Server (APP01), and a separate Database Server; almost exactly as described in Jeff’s post How to Scale Out a SharePoint 2010 Farm from Two-Tier to Three-Tier By Adding a Dedicated Application Server) to Service Pack 1 and the June 2011 Cumulative Update. This isn’t going to be an exhaustive p... »

How to Show the Fax Number in People Search Results in SharePoint 2010

I was recently working with a client who needed to show employees’ fax numbers in their People Search results in SharePoint 2010. Several months ago I got this working for them in SharePoint 2007, but it had to be configured all over again after the upgrade to SharePoint 2010. It was also more involved to set up in SharePoint 2010. I didn’t see where anyone else had documented how to show othe... »

How to Scale Out a SharePoint 2010 Farm From Two-Tier to Three-Tier By Adding A Dedicated Application Server

Many small to medium-sized organizations start using SharePoint in a “two-tier” server farm topology.  The two tiers consist of: Tier 1 – SharePoint Server with all web page serving and all Service Applications running on it Tier 2 – A SQL Server to store the SharePoint databases – the SQL Server could be dedicated to the farm or it might be shared with other non-SharePo... »

Visio Services Won’t Refresh in SharePoint 2010–How to Fix It

I recently ran across a problem where a user had connected a Visio 2010 diagram to data in a SharePoint list to create a dynamic graphical dashboard of the items in the list. He had a problem though that the data wouldn’t refresh. So, when values changed in the SharePoint list, the Visio diagram that had been published to SharePoint as a Web Drawing wouldn’t update automatically, nor would it ... »