SharePoint Designer 2010

Add a SharePoint Designer Workflow Email BCC Recipient

One of the most common Actions used in SharePoint Designer custom workflows is “Send an Email.” This Action allows you to specify recipients, subject lines, and the email body with combinations of text and dynamic content. One desired feature that seems to have been left out, however, is the ability to send a blind carbon copy (BCC) to a recipient. There seems to be no BCC option in th... »

Video: How to Create a Custom Task Notification with a SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow

Two years ago I wrote a blog post about How to Create a Detailed Custom Task Notification with a SharePoint Designer Workflow. That blog post provided step-by-step instructions and screenshots for doing this in SharePoint 2007. I received a lot of questions asking for more information explaining the steps. Back in December I finally decided to record a video of showing how to do this same thing in... »

What Replaced the Build Dynamic String Workflow Activity in SharePoint Designer 2010?

One of the SharePoint Designer workflow activities I use most in SharePoint 2007 is Build Dynamic String. It is a very convenient way to create a customized string of dynamic text that I can then use and re-use for email subject lines, descriptions, task titles, and all sorts of things. Unfortunately, Microsoft made the decision to disable the Build Dynamic String workflow activity in SharePoint 2... »