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When should I create a new SharePoint Site Collection?

I had a question in one of my SharePoint classes the other day from a very sharp student.  “What is the best practice for deciding when to create a new SharePoint Site Collection?” Well for starters, I’d like to say that any time you start talking about “best practices” there always has to be a disclaimer of, “It depends.”  Rather than try to hammer out a hard and fast rule, I can give some general thoughts on whether a new site collection makes sense for your specific circumstances. Inheritance - this is the biggest reason.  Security (specifically groups) and Content Types are inherited throughout the structure of SharePoint, so one huge reason... »

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Allow the User to Reset (Deselect) InfoPath Option Buttons

Like many form applications, InfoPath has a Option Button control. InfoPath Option Buttons (sometimes called Radio Buttons) are useful when you have a very short list of choices (usually just 2 or 3) and want to expose all the choices on the form, rather than having the user click a drop-down control. Option Buttons allow selection of just one item in the group – they are all bound to a single field, and only one selection can be made. Working with InfoPath Option Buttons In our class InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 No-Code Workflow Deep Dive, students get some hands-on practice working with InfoPath Option Buttons. They can be a little tricky when you are first learning to devel... »

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InfoPath vs ASPX: Which Electronic Form Is the Most Useful in SharePoint?

Last week I presented one of our most popular webinars: Build Better Forms with InfoPath and SharePoint. As part of the registration process, one of the attendees asked about the limitations of InfoPath when compared to ASPX (Active Server Page Extended File) forms. This isn’t a topic I’d addressed in previous webinars, but I added a few slides to discuss it. In this post, I’ll expand on that information and discuss the pros and cons of InfoPath vs ASPX. InfoPath vs. ASPX: Background InfoPath forms can be deployed in a variety of ways, but in this post I’ll concentrate on how they work when published to a SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 site. InfoPath is a Microsof... »

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Add a SharePoint Designer Workflow Email BCC Recipient

One of the most common Actions used in SharePoint Designer custom workflows is “Send an Email.” This Action allows you to specify recipients, subject lines, and the email body with combinations of text and dynamic content. One desired feature that seems to have been left out, however, is the ability to send a blind carbon copy (BCC) to a recipient. There seems to be no BCC option in the email creation dialog box. If you have that need and didn’t know better, you might add a second Send an Email action to send a separate notification to that recipient. Luckily, there IS an easier way to add a SharePoint Designer Workflow email BCC recipient – it’s just not obvious. ... »

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Custom Discussion Board Rollup using Content Query Web Part and XSL

A problem was recently posted on one of our SharePoint Solutions Help Community Forums. The situation was that an individual wanted to “roll up” multiple discussion boards from multiple sub-sites; essentially pulling the content from different discussion board lists. One solution is to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and take advantage of all the new social features such as Communities. Another option is to buy a third-party web part such as this one. Neither of these may be possible in your organization. In this post, I will present a solution that involves modifying the styles available for presentation within the Content Query Web Part. The content query web part can roll-up inform... »

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