The Power of [Me] in SharePoint Library Views and List Views

Have you ever wished that you could look at a large SharePoint list or SharePoint library and easily find only those items that were relevant to you? Perhaps you’d like to see all the Tasks where you are in the Assigned To field, or all of the documents you created in a Library. It’s easy enough to filter for those items on the fly by using the drop-down menu on the Column headings, bu... »

SharePoint Calendar Overlay with a Library or Other List

The ostensible purpose of the Calendar Overlay feature in SharePoint 2010 is to aggregate multiple calendars into one master, or roll-up calendar. The appointments in each calendar can display in an assigned color, allowing for a quick visual impression of which appointments belong on which sub-calendar. This feature can be used to show more than just calendar appointments, however. You can use th... »

Managing Lists and Libraries – Optimize Your SharePoint URLs

In our Introduction to SharePoint Foundation / Server 2010 course, we briefly mention that SharePoint limits the total URL length of any location in a site: Depending on some variables, it can be up to 256 to 260 characters. (See for a technical explanation.) In addition, you’ll run across a 255-character limit for URLs in lots of othe... »

SharePoint 2010 Tutorial Video: Drop-Down Filters

How to video: Create Optional Cascading Drop-Down Filters on SharePoint List Forms I knew I was going to like the ability to customize list item forms in SharePoint 2010 using InfoPath. The ability to filter drop down list choices based on a previous selection in the form is something many people ask for. I have created a SharePoint 2010 tutorial/training  video that shows how to customize th... »

What’s New In SharePoint 2010 Lists?

In my opinion, lists and libraries are the heart and soul of SharePoint. When I first installed the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Technical Preview, the first thing I did was create a new list just to see what the most obvious changes were. Note: This post and all scresnshots are from the Technical Preview and things may change before SharePoint 2010 is released to the public.   I use custom lists fo... »