Use Multiple Selection Columns in Calculated Fields

I recently had a need to create a hyperlink in a custom list and the hyperlink needed to contain parameters that came from a Choice type column that allowed multiple selections. I’m very comfortable using Excel’s string functions (LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LEN, and FIND) to parse strings and I’ve done so many times. However, when I tried to write a formula using the Multiple Selection field, I got a... »

InfoPath Form with Multiple, Dynamic Approvers

A question came in to the MOSS Help and How To forum about creating a form that allowed multiple approvers to be specified at the time the form is being filled out. I went ahead and created a form in InfoPath and a simple workflow in SharePoint Designer to allow the selection of the approvers and assign tasks for the approvers. It is a simple form and workflow both. For production you would want a... »

Creating SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Visio 2010

Microsoft is taking a bit of the chore of designing workflows off of designers and letting business users define their own workflow layouts in Visio 2010 before exporting to SharePoint Designer to associate it with a List or Site. This allows business users to use a familiar graphical tool to define the steps in the workflow themselves instead of having to communicate their needs to designers or d... »

The New Approval Actions in SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows

SharePoint 2007 came with 23 out-of-the-box actions to fit many of the most common tasks needed in workflows. SharePoint 2010 comes with 44 out-of-the-box actions. All the original actions are still there, but you now have 21 more! Note: This post and all screenshots are from the Technical Preview and things may change before SharePoint 2010 is released to the public.   In SharePoint 2007, if you... »